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Hunt and Winterbotham


Hunt & Winterbotham is celebrated for taking great care to select only premium products and designs to form a collection of the World’s Finest Fabrics. From the phenomenal Blenheim Super 140’s, to Classic Linens and our stunning printed linings, we have an unrivalled array of cloths to choose from.


Records show that Cam Mills, Hunt & Winterbotham’s original home in South West England, was manufacturing cloth as early as 1532.  The Hunt & Winterbotham name itself dates back to the 1860’s when Thomas Hunt and Arthur Brent Winterbotham joined forces, officially registering the company in 1887.

The mills, historic specialties were heavy industrial cloths for billiard tables and Military Uniforms. However, it was their more elegant woollen and worsted cloths that made the Hunt & Winterbotham name recognised the world over. 

Strong competition from Yorkshire’s mills saw the West of England’s textile industry slip into decline and in the 1920’s Hunt & Winterbotham amalgamated with other local mills as ‘Winterbotham, Strachan and Playne’. They changed course and developed the merchant side of their business with prestigious offices on London’s Golden Square. They became particularly well known in the USA where they had stores on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and 5th Avenue in New York City, as well as “shops at sea” on Cunard’s trans-Atlantic cruises. Seventy successful years later the company came into the hands of Yorkshire’s famous Illingworth Morris group and the Hunt & Winterbotham name was resurrected.

Nearly 500 years since its beginnings in Cam and now under the wing of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, Hunt & Winterbotham continues to supply World’s Finest Fabrics to the most prestigious tailors and design houses.